Make extra cash by renting out your Facebook and or Google Ad Space.

Will the ads show up on anyone's feed?

  Absolutely not! The ads are the same sponsored ads you may or may not notice on the right hand side of your news feed. Facebook chooses who sees these ads with their advertisement algorithm based on people’s interests. Ever Google something and all of a sudden you are on Facebook and like magic you are seeing ads pertaining to what you were searching? This is how Facebook Ads work!  

How does payment work?

  Referral and connection bonuses are sent through PayPal. PayPal makes it easy to get paid securely anywhere you do business. Monthly Payments are made by check and will be processed the 1st Monday of every month. These checks reflect payments from the previous month.  

Why do I need to use Splashtop?

  We use Splashtop to protect our users. With Splashtop, users have to accept a connection request every time an account manager needs to connect.  This is just used one time to confirm you qualify.  Alternative desktop sharing software includes, “Chrome Remote Desktop” and if you do not own a PC ask your recruiter for alternative methods. 

What risks are involved?

  There are no risks to the personal side of your account. We create a backend in order to separate your personal account from your business account. We create and use what is called an Ad Manager.  To control their ad content, Facebook occasionally flag Ad Managers but this affects our ads only. If you want to run a  promotion in the future, you can simply create a new one.   

Why do you need my FB login info?

   Your Facebook credentials will be needed for the initial setup through your ad account and continual maintenance of the ad campaign throughout the life of the campaign. Your credentials are stored on a closed network and will not be available for viewing or be susceptible to data leakage. Your information will not be sold or shared. Your privacy is our first priority.   

What kind of ads do you run?

  The majority of our clients are small businesses in the heath, fitness, and lifestyle industries. Our ad campaigns represent their products.  

Is This Legal?

  Yes. Facebook provides access to users to create ads via our personal ad accounts. You may allow others to help you in creating ads by adding them as an Admin to your fan pages. This is exactly what our advertisers do. If you do not have a fan page, our Advertisers will create one for you and run ads from that page and monitor the page. Each ad goes through vigorous inspection by Facebook before they approve it to run. We run ads according to Facebook policies.  

Why do you need my Facebook Ad Account? Why not use your own?

  We have plenty of our own accounts, but no matter how many we have, Facebook sets a Ad Spend limit on each account. By working with people like you, it allows us to expand our Business to reach more ideal customers.  

How will the Ads be paid?

  When Advertisers go into your ad account to set up the ads, they enter their company payment information, so it is the company that gets charged, not you.